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KitchenOn Premium Diamond Coated Frying Pans Set (Made in Korea)

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  • Made-in-Korea KitchenOn Premium Diamond Coated Frying Pans Set includes:
    One 24cm Frying Pan
    One 28cm Frying Pan
    One 28cm Wok
    One 28cm Wok Lid
    One 24cm Stock Pot
    One 24cm Stock Pot Lid
  • Made in Korea
  • Made of heavy-duty cast aluminum for fast heating
  • Stay-cool ergonomic handle for safe and comfortable grip
  • Contains diamond crystals providing extra durability against scratches and abrasions
  • Manufactured by pattern design
  • Prevents slip and partial burning
  • Allows perfect heat distribution while cooking
  • Non-stick top coating
  • Non-scratch and non-abrasion coating
  • Non-corruption and anti-crack coating
  • Die-Casting method
  • Aluminum alloy

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